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What is implant?

For many years people and dentists have been aspired to prevent the appearance of defects in the tooth row.
 There are many methods to achieve that:
  1. To close the defect with a bridge. Disadvantage of this method is that we have to file the next-by teeth, which are healthy.
  2. To restore the missing tooth with moveable denture. Disadvantage of this method is the loss of sense of your own tooth and presence of moveable foreign body in the mouth cavity.
  We transplant a foreign body in the jaw at the place of the missing teeth. This method is relatively new. Its advantage is that the patient receives a feeling for his own teeth after certain period of time. Its disadvantage is that the patient has to observe special rules, which guarantee the acceptance and perseverance of the foreign body. This is so called method IMPLANT. Only those who are ready to dedicate themselves to teeth and mouth hygiene care will choose the priority of the implant. Despite of few exceptions, there is no risk in this method. The material is absolutely harmless and the constitution accepts it /usually there is pure titanium 999/. Usually 3-5 months are needed for consolidation. The patient has to wear temporary bridge during that time and the chewing possibilities at the place of the implant are restricted. After that period begins the dynamic loading of the implant and the building of the sense of your own tooth.
  The risk is reduced to zero. The prevailing investigations show that putting implant and consolidation after that are innocuous. Maximum 10% of implants are voided. This is also innocuous. The condition is the same as after loosing a tooth. The implant can be placed again or the prostheses in points 1 and 2. The future sense of own tooth is in confirmation of the implants. Important! - Everybody has to be ready for painstaking teeth cleaning. For people who don't want to do that is better to avoid implants and to satisfy with denture. Every patient has to know that the whole state of the constitution is significant for rumination of the construction and the implant. New bad common cases, traumata /lancination or chronic/, bad habits can cause throwing out the implant. In world literature they consider that an implant living for 5 years is a good success.


1. Take food and drinks after appearance of sensitiveness in the anesthetized side.
2. Avoid physical strain/ heel, weightlifting, tourism, sauna etc. /
3. Do not speak very much during the first two days.
4. Do not drink coffee and do not smoke during the first five days.
5. Do not chew in the implant's area and avoid hard food /tough meat, bread peel etc. /
6. Rinse the mouth after eating with cool water, but do not do it very often.
7. Regularly clean the other teeth, but spare the area near the implant. Do not use mouth douches and electrical toothbrushes.

1. Do not use mouth douches and electrical toothbrushes.
2. Do not touch the implant with finger or tongue.
3. Carefully wash the implant and the gum around it.
4. Avoid physical strain especially if you feel pulsation in the implant.
5. If you wear a splint, wear in constantly. Clean the splint after eating and rinse the mouth.
• Notice change in the implant
• Notice looseness
• Notice swelling and abscess formation

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