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How long does it take for teeth whitening in domestic environment?

Teeth whitening continues from 14 to 20 days depending on the original colour and the colour we wish to achieve.

Is the achieved whitening a long term one? In what time the teeth will discolour again?

During the first 2-3 weeks the teeth become lightly darken, the colour becomes stable. During the next 3-5 years there is no darkening. Significant for the colour is the whole state of health of the constitution - at the time of illness the teeth become dark. They restore their bright colour after recovery. It is desirable that a further colour maintenance is done and therefore is advised every 2-3 months the patient to sleep with gel in the splints or to use a whitening pen.

Is teeth whitening bad and does it damage the enamel of the tooth?

During the whitening process some patients may experience sensibility in the teeth but this is only transitional and it goes away when the whitening process stops. We have been whitening teeth for more than 7 years now in our practice and there has been no case of tooth damage. On a world scale, teeth.s whitening is being done for more than 30 years and there are also not officially described cases of teeth damage. So our categorical answer is - the teeth do not damage!

Are the implants bad for the health?

The screw-titanic implant does not damage the constitution tissues. The modern systems have certificates for the absence of toxicity. In uncommon 2-8 %, when the constitution does not accept the implant, the tissues heal fast, without pain and scars.

What % of all cases of dental implants is successful?

When there is a correct analysis of the particular clinical case, an evaluation of the whole state of health, harmful habits, particular technique execution, good selection of implant system and balanced freighting with denture construction, the success is more than 92%.

How many years does an implant survive?

When the patient keeps all the conditions from the previous question, and is doing conscientious prevention as minimum one medical health check up per year, the exploitation can continue for decades. Also, the whole state of health is very important. There are cases in the world practice where implants can live for over 25 years. Our practice has more unpretending experience, over 8 years. In most cases, in the first 4 months we can understand if the organism accepts the implant or not.

How often we must clean and polish our teeth?

The answer of principle is twice a year. Of course, there are many exceptions, depending on every particular individual, the way of eating, the saliva composition and other factors.

I have frequent gingival bleeding. Is this normal?

If there is such a problem, there can be a disease. The reason may be different, internal, external or other factors. You are obliged to visit your dentist.

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